Sunday, April 11, 2010

Drum Roll please............

As of sometime around mid October our Whittington family will become a party of FIVE! I am just a little past 13 weeks along and if you are wondering why we waited so long to "spread the news" there are many reasons. The main one being this pregnancy has been plagued with complications since day 1. Including a hemorrhage behind the placenta, digestive issues so severe they required a hospital visit, bronchitis with symptoms that have been lingering since the 10th of March, morning sickness so awful I could hardly get myself out of bed in the mornings, a massive sinus infection and asthma that has been worse than ever. Did I mention that my thyroid is jacked up too? Anyways, aside from all that I am finally feeling a little better and a week ago was able to sleep through the night without coughing or gasping for air.

God has kept our wee one safe and after sonograms and testing our new little "T" looks perfectly normal. They were also able to tell us that with 80% accuracy it looks like another boy! Which Tessa is delighted about and I think will be great for Tyce.

We are super excited to meet this new baby and hope you all are too! I know everyone has an opinion so I would like to please ask that if you have anything negative to say regarding having 3 children to please keep it to yourself. Yes, we planned this and YES we "know what causes this"! The four of us are very excited and would like this to be a positive experience for Tessa and Tyce. Which is why I think its very important they hear nothing but positive things about having another sibling!

Here are a few more outtakes to share of the picture-taking with Tess and Tyce in their "Big Sister" and "Big Brother" shirts. We will definitely have our hands full for a while when it comes to picture taking!


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