Sunday, April 11, 2010

Drum Roll please............

As of sometime around mid October our Whittington family will become a party of FIVE! I am just a little past 13 weeks along and if you are wondering why we waited so long to "spread the news" there are many reasons. The main one being this pregnancy has been plagued with complications since day 1. Including a hemorrhage behind the placenta, digestive issues so severe they required a hospital visit, bronchitis with symptoms that have been lingering since the 10th of March, morning sickness so awful I could hardly get myself out of bed in the mornings, a massive sinus infection and asthma that has been worse than ever. Did I mention that my thyroid is jacked up too? Anyways, aside from all that I am finally feeling a little better and a week ago was able to sleep through the night without coughing or gasping for air.

God has kept our wee one safe and after sonograms and testing our new little "T" looks perfectly normal. They were also able to tell us that with 80% accuracy it looks like another boy! Which Tessa is delighted about and I think will be great for Tyce.

We are super excited to meet this new baby and hope you all are too! I know everyone has an opinion so I would like to please ask that if you have anything negative to say regarding having 3 children to please keep it to yourself. Yes, we planned this and YES we "know what causes this"! The four of us are very excited and would like this to be a positive experience for Tessa and Tyce. Which is why I think its very important they hear nothing but positive things about having another sibling!

Here are a few more outtakes to share of the picture-taking with Tess and Tyce in their "Big Sister" and "Big Brother" shirts. We will definitely have our hands full for a while when it comes to picture taking!


Been Awhile.....

So sorry its been a while since I've posted but I have been sick since basically the last post I made. And I still haven't fully recovered. Anyhow....Im working on a post for tonight so I'll be back with you later.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So today was the big day. Miss priss got her braces on. We got Chick Fil A for lunch and I ate with her at school. As soon as lunch was over I checked her out and we headed over to the orthodontists office. She was a little nervous because a few friends (non braces wearing friends) were telling her how much it was going to hurt. How they knew, I have no idea.

Once we got there we had to wait a little while of course but soon enough, they called her name. Tessa told the technician she was very nervous and we both reassured her there was nothing to be worried about. Here she is trying to hold her mouth shut so they couldnt get in there........

This was my favorite part. I had actually forgotten they use these things but as soon as I saw it on the tray I grabbed my camera. They let Tessa look at herself and she thought it was pretty funny too.

They let her pick colored rubberbands of course and she picked every blue one they had. She had to have 6 bands; 4 in the front and 2 in the very back. So the four front ones are all different colors of blue. Here she is checking them out when she's all done.

And here is her very FIRST picture with braces!

She of course doesn't look near as happy right now. She is in serious pain. I feel so badly for her. A morphine drip would have been nice. She'll be good in a few days though and you can already see major changes in her teeth!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Tonight is the last night I'll be looking at this precious little smile. Tomorrow Tessa is getting the first four (of many I'm sure!) brackets starting her orthodontic treatment! She already has an appliance in the roof of her mouth called a tongue crib. She has a tongue thrust (got that from me I guess) and it is supposed to help retrain her tongue to sit at the roof of her mouth. And since she is a little self conscious about her smile (REALLY?! At SEVEN!) they are going to go ahead and start braces on her front teeth to pull them back and together.

And although she doesn't like her little smile like it is, it's precious to me and I will miss it. It's just another sign of how fast she is growing up.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Tessa had her first basketball game yesterday. This is the second season she has played and wow has she really improved. Last year the first game was utter chaos and quite hysterical from the stands. They had a couple of practices and of course practiced the basics i.e. dribbling, shooting. But at game time when it was time to throw the ball inbounds or dribble up and down the court they were clueless. Mayja LOLs. Yesterday was good. They knew what to do (most of them) and even though they didnt win, the girls had so much fun! Here is a picture of Tes in her uniform. Not crazy about the team name (Superstars) but I guess you gotta take what ya get.

Now Im sure most of you are wondering why she has a brace on her hand. While at the store getting her some new tennis shoes she and Tyce were messing around jumping over some benches and she landed wrong on her hand or something. Naturally, she now thinks she needs to wear a "cast". Onto another note....

Tim and I (well mostly Tim) have been working on a project for a TV console. We bought a new flatscreen for our Christmas present back in November and it is STILL in our closet in the box. We still have the big tube tv we bought right after we got married. Here is a picture of the inspiration for the piece Tim is building. We have run into some problems with the legs, so we are painting the top piece and working on the legs later. Hopefully we'll be watching our new TV in the next month or so. : )

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Precious Moment

One thing I vowed to do this year was to get my photos and videos organized. I am so behind on my scrapbooks it's not even funny and my goal this year is to completely catch up. While going through some pictures I found THE MOST precious video of Tessa. She had just turned three and was saying this cute little ryhme. It just made me realize how fast time goes by. I hardly remember her being this sweet since over the last couple years she has become a total diva. I totally hate that the video is sideways but I don't know how to turn it around.

I love her so much.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cute project.......and coloring by Tyce

Last month we were leaving some friends house and as we were driving out of their neighborhood I found this.......

I thought it was a neat old rocking chair, so I made Tim get out and cram it into the back of the car. It looked like someone had spray painted it white at one point and it was all chipping off. Which was cute in places, like right here.....

But too much had chipped off the seat and I decided it needed a whole new paint job. Ive kinda started liking this style of muted rooms with one bright accent piece. So I painted it a shade of blue/turquoise. And here is the finished product!

I was thinking it would look cute with a white throw and a burlap covered pillow with "SIT" on the front of it. Something similar to this one from Pottery Barn...

But first Ill have to try to get the ORANGE crayon off the seat!!! I swear I just brought it in the house YESTERDAY and already he has scribbled it. Geeeez!

And here is mr. scribbler with his crayon. He is of course trying to give it back to me.

Darnit he sure is cute!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wow time really does fly. 2010! Seems like just a year ago Tim and I were getting married, Tessa was born, Tyce was born etc. Tim and I have been married almost NINE years now! Tessa is now 7 and our baby, Tyce, is now 2 and will be 3 in just four short months.

I hate new years resolutions. They have never worked out for me so this year I'm going to call it a GOAL instead. My goal this year is to keep my family and friends updated more on what is going on in our life. We see some of our family alot and others, well not so much. So by starting this blog, Im hoping to create a way for them to not feel "left out".

Alot has happened in the last few weeks so here are a few of my favorite recent pictures. Enjoy!

Tess and Tyce with Santa's cookies and Milk

When the weather got so bad in Wichita Falls, we decided to just wait a couple days before leaving. We had Christmas together, just the four of us. This was the first time using the timer on our camera. Tim looks a little weird but only because he just slid into the picture.

Tessa being silly

Playing in the snow at Grandma Judy and Papas

More playing in the snow