Monday, January 4, 2010

Cute project.......and coloring by Tyce

Last month we were leaving some friends house and as we were driving out of their neighborhood I found this.......

I thought it was a neat old rocking chair, so I made Tim get out and cram it into the back of the car. It looked like someone had spray painted it white at one point and it was all chipping off. Which was cute in places, like right here.....

But too much had chipped off the seat and I decided it needed a whole new paint job. Ive kinda started liking this style of muted rooms with one bright accent piece. So I painted it a shade of blue/turquoise. And here is the finished product!

I was thinking it would look cute with a white throw and a burlap covered pillow with "SIT" on the front of it. Something similar to this one from Pottery Barn...

But first Ill have to try to get the ORANGE crayon off the seat!!! I swear I just brought it in the house YESTERDAY and already he has scribbled it. Geeeez!

And here is mr. scribbler with his crayon. He is of course trying to give it back to me.

Darnit he sure is cute!

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  1. Too cute, Vanessa! I want to see a picture of his artwork crammed all over the refrigerator. LOL Has he done one on paper yet?