Sunday, January 17, 2010


Tessa had her first basketball game yesterday. This is the second season she has played and wow has she really improved. Last year the first game was utter chaos and quite hysterical from the stands. They had a couple of practices and of course practiced the basics i.e. dribbling, shooting. But at game time when it was time to throw the ball inbounds or dribble up and down the court they were clueless. Mayja LOLs. Yesterday was good. They knew what to do (most of them) and even though they didnt win, the girls had so much fun! Here is a picture of Tes in her uniform. Not crazy about the team name (Superstars) but I guess you gotta take what ya get.

Now Im sure most of you are wondering why she has a brace on her hand. While at the store getting her some new tennis shoes she and Tyce were messing around jumping over some benches and she landed wrong on her hand or something. Naturally, she now thinks she needs to wear a "cast". Onto another note....

Tim and I (well mostly Tim) have been working on a project for a TV console. We bought a new flatscreen for our Christmas present back in November and it is STILL in our closet in the box. We still have the big tube tv we bought right after we got married. Here is a picture of the inspiration for the piece Tim is building. We have run into some problems with the legs, so we are painting the top piece and working on the legs later. Hopefully we'll be watching our new TV in the next month or so. : )

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